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Hudson Business Coalition ListServ


Welcome to Hudson Business Coalition, Inc. Listserv!

We look forward to your participation and ask that you abide by the following community guidelines:

  • Subscribers to the Listserv are intended to be individuals working in Hudson, or who have a direct affiliation with a Hudson-based business. However, HBCi management reserves the right to allow subscriptions from individuals who do not fit this description, on a case-by-case basis.
  • Keep your posts appropriate, constructive, and respectful. Take a moment to consider your message before you send it: is it clear, is it constructive, or will it insult someone? Please do not post in anger.
  • Stay on topic with your posts, questions and comments. This list is devoted to the exchange of information useful to the Hudson business community. This is not a forum for open-ended political and social discussions.
  • Do not use the list to advertise your business. If you are a new business in town and would like to announce yourself, please do so – and welcome to Hudson! Otherwise, solicitation or promotion of individual businesses should generally be done through consumer-facing or direct outlets rather than our listserv.
  • Whenever possible, respond to posts off-list rather than replying to the full list, unless the response can add value for everyone on the list. As a general rule, if your comment or response is directed at one person or otherwise not of general interest, do not send it to the listserv, but just to that one person.

Our goal is to keep the HBCi Listserv a useful communication tool, with which Hudson business owners and staff can engage in meaningful and appropriate dialogue about the Hudson business climate and other pertinent topics. Members who violate the community guidelines will be contacted by our listserv admins and made aware of the offending item. Members who continue to post in violation of the guidelines after having been contacted will be removed.