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Proprietor Membership

Fill out the form to sign up for or renew your Proprietor Membership with Hudson Business Coalition.

The form has three pages— you must complete them all to sign up:

  1. Contact details
  2. Business details
  3. Payment submission (via credit card/PayPal)

All required fields are marked with a * red asterisk.

Alternative Ways to Sign Up

The form on this page requires payment at the end. If you prefer to pay for your membership by check or money order, please do not use this form. Instead, email us at:

About Proprietor Membership

Businesses and organizations which meet the following criteria can join the Hudson Business Coalition as Proprietor Members:

These and similar businesses with a physical presence located within the city of Hudson, NY:

  • shops and other retailers
  • restaurants, bars, cafes, and other dining and drinking establishments
  • art galleries
  • lodging and hospitality businesses
  • cultural and artistic venues
  • community organizations
  • realtors and real estate agencies

If this doesn’t fit the description of your business or organization, please return to the main membership page to learn about other membership types that may be available to you.

Dual membership with the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce is available. If you elect to sign up for membership with both organizations, you can save $50 off your Hudson Business Coalition membership, and approximately 27% off your Chamber of Commerce membership (depending on your number of employees).

Need Assistance?

If you have any questions or require assistance, please email us at:

Membership Form

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  • Contact Details

    Please add your contact details here. The information captured here is for our own internal records, and not shared publicly. Details on your business are collected on the next screen.